Daycamp 2018

Fun in the Sun

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Daycamp Calendar
The 2018 Daycamp calendar is here. 5/7/2018

Keystaff camper form
Here is the keystaff camper registration form. This is a fillable PDF. Send the form to

Promotional Video
Here is the 2017 Video Julie did.

T Shirt Form
Use this for T shirt orders.

Here is the current inventory (5/7/2018).

Cub Program Updates
The Cub Scout program has had some modifications to the Adventure requirements (November 2016), The information is on the program update webpage. The Cub Scout program will have new requirements starting in June 2015. The National page with information is at: The adventures that we will all be incorperating into the 2018 Daycamp program are:

A list of the requirements for each of these adventures is in this handy document. (12/10/2017)

National Camp Standards
The standards and the various updates are at the National Camp Standards web site. Be sure to scroll down to get to the latest Update pages.

Daycamp 101
Here is the latest version of the on going document that attempts to explain what Daycamp is for the camp directors.
Daycamp 101.
If you have things that you would like to add feel free to send them to me.

National Camp School resources
Zip file of the 2014 NCS flash drive

Camp Staff Youth Protection
Camp Staff Youth Protection

Managing Youth Protection
Managing Youth Protection Powerpoint

Shooting Sports Manual
The shooting sports manual

Stuff from NCS 2015
Resourses from the 2015 Natioanl Camp School course are posted at

Stuff from NCS 2013
A copy of the stuff from the 2013 National Camp School flash drive is here

Old stuff that may be of use

Training CD
The contents of CD on staff training that David distributed at the May 2011 meeting. Zip file or as individual files here.

Registration Forms and Pack Coordinator Packets
on the Council Daycamp Website

Mail to Jon Lagerquist